Tempers flair

Does anyone know why the Texas Tech player charged out angerly toward our team after the last out? The umpires had to run to stop the confrontation. It looked like the Tech player was yelling at Opitz.

Phil said something during the postgame show that Elijah Trest may have been yapping at them from the mound, but he sounded like he was speculating.

The guy who came towards Trest was their leadoff hitter and he had been real vocal when he got on base earlier in the game. I thought for just a second it was going to get ugly as a few of the Tech guys came out of their dugout and all the Arkansas guys coming in from the bullpen started moving faster towards the infield. But Opitz and the umpire got between the guy and Trest and that was the end of it.

Trest was of course pretty excited about getting that last out and he probably did say something while looking at their dugout.

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I’m sure that from the Tech perspective it was a really, really hard first loss…especially as they had a four run lead for a while…and may have had visions of sweeping the weekend.

Feels good from our side, though. wps

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Phil’s comment was that TT didn’t know how to lose. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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They live in Lubbock. They lose every day.


Maybe Tech should focus a little more on their pitches to the plate with runners in scoring position and a little less on their acne medicine induced overreactions postgame.

I think there might be some bad blood between some Arkansas and Texas Tech players, several of whom have known and played against each other for years. Their games have been intense against each other, including a couple in Omaha.

I overheard some things the Tech players said as they were coming in from their dugout in Omaha a couple of years ago. I didn’t get the sense they liked the Razorbacks much.

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They’ve been our rented Mule, I would be ticked too if I got my butt handed to me the we’ve abused them

I’ve been to Lubbock once, flew in with the UA radio crew for a football game. We’re coming in for a landing at the Lubbock airport and I looked out the window and said “are you kidding me?” The highest point in town was a freeway offramp. Seriously. I was depressed by the time I got off the plane. Fortunately we won easily (20-6 I think), but the highlight of the trip was taking off to come back to Fayetteville.

Happiness IS Lubbock Texas in the rear view mirror.

One of my jobs while working for the sports information office was going through the hometown newspapers of our football opponents, looking for tidbits that our coaches could use, whether for strategy or motivation, so I read the Lubbock Avalanche Journal sports section regularly. I noticed quickly that most of the ads in the LAJ sports section were for adult-oriented businesses. After I flew into Lubbock I understood why, There ain’t nothing else to do in Lubbock but drink and stick dollar bills into garters.

So how many dollars did you lose? :grinning: :smile: :rofl:

None. I left Jones Stadium and got out of town as fast as I could.

The most notable landmarks in Lubbock are tumbleweeds and they all get to leave town happy every time the wind picks up.


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