Temperature during game was ....

84, or thereabouts. We’ve played in MUCH hotter conditions and in direct sun before and not had so many cramps. What gives? Did the Frogs cramp up also?

Saturday was humid real bad. Just saying been living here for last 9 yrs and it still kills me.

But the humidity was pretty high, which caused the cramps. I was standing outside with my wife for about 10-15 minutes before the game and broke into a sweat. I can only imagine what kind of toll it takes when you are running around in that for four hours.

Early in the year, very humid, and having to defend against that kind of offense. Some cramping doesn’t surprise me.

I was at the game and it was very humid, even with a slight breeze!!!

Struggling to find subjects to discuss, are you?

I recall that in the old SWC days we had some late September-early October problems with the heat playing in Texas. Particularly if Fayetteville had a cooler than usual August, which I think was the case this year. Even if NWA is hot, the humidity up there is not what you get in Texas (now if the team were practicing in Fort Smith, they’d have all the humidity you could want). :o