Tell me this -- is our defense ...

is our defense pretty fair, perhaps capable of stopping Ole Miss and maybe LSU? These last two games they seem to be living a little more up to the pre-season hype. I like seeing our pass defense begin to challenge good qbs. I like seeing an effective pass rush–been a long time. These last two moral victories have me feeling a little better about our ole Hogs.

They played tough today and are definitely showing signs of improvement, so once we get past next week we will be 1-5 with six games to play.
If they continue to improve and if the offense can grow up a bit we should have a chance to be competitive in possibly 4 of the final six games, it would be nice if they could finish the last half os the season winning 3 or 4 of those.
It would have a positive impact on recruiting and that’s what has to happen to get this program headed in the right direction.
We will probably be able to sign a large recruiting class with transfers that have already occurred and most likely several more at seasons end, so that class needs to be good and probably can be when kids know that they can come in a have a chance to compete right away for playing time.

Go Hogs!

I don’t think they are. We are strong against the run…Ole Miss has a great passing game. They will outscore our feeble offense.

LSU will just stuff our offense. They are good. Their offense is solid with a decent quarterback.

Our defense is pretty solid, but I just don’t see us winning either game.

it will be all about can we stay healthy.we can stay with everyone but Bama IMO we just have a to get an offense than can WIN the game not stay in it.

If we have our corners show up to play we might have a chance at stopping ole miss. Their wide receivers are all very good.

Yes our D is better than pretty fair. If our Oline could block this would be a pretty good, not great team. It is very hard to play good D when your offensive is bad. The coaching staff has the whole team improving, along with good recruiting there is real hope for the future. When you can improve through coaching AND recruit to upgrade the talent then you can expect good things. Sorry for going off on a tangent. lol.
As for ole miss, yes we could win if we keep improving on both sides of the ball and special teams. Yes we could slow down Lswho, but I don’t think we can block their d line and lincbackers. I am just back from Dallas and very proud of how hard we played. I am different than most fans, I coached for a lot of years and I DO believe in moral victories. Are you getting max effort? Yes, are you improving in your weak areas, Yes our special teams and Oline were better.Not good enough but they were better. Did you play above your talent, yes, quite honestly we are not a talented group 1-85. In my mind that is what good coaching begins with.

I think we have improved a lot, but keep in mind the other teams do not sit still. I hope the last few games are close enough for us to maybe win a couple, but we may end up with only two wins.

Before the season started, I thought the offense would have no problem scoring points, and was concerned about the defense. The defense is a pleasant surprise. They are much improved.

Now, let’s get the CCM offense clicking. Something tells me it won’t be Saturday, however. :slight_smile:

I think we can compete on the back side of the schedule but it will depend on the obvious injury situation for all the teams and what the individual team frame of mind is. I think Ole Miss will lose a lot of games and winnable along with Vandy. Miss. St. has a really tough schedule and it will be interesting to see how the new staff handles a lot of heat from the media and fans since they were picked high to begin with. It could be somewhat fun…