Tell me it’s smoke

No way we are interested in a guy who couldn’t win at UCLA with that talent pool and lost to Liberty last season… This is disappointing just a big black eye The SEC maybe too big for Hunter

I don’t know if it will be Steve Alford or not.

But how is going to the Sweet 16 three times in five years at UCLA not winning?

I thought that was the new narrative and standard here. :smiley:

UCLA is a set-up-to-fail kind of job anymore. Kinda like the Lakers.

Got ran out of Iowa.

Won big for a mid major at New Mexico.

Turned UCLA into a disaster by the time he left. His team hated him.

Sexual Assault case at Iowa.

Everyone seems to think this guy is a real ****.

Hire him and Hunter won’t be around for too long.

Liberty beat a lot of people this year. Same with Belmont, UNC, Michigan State and everyone else UCLA lost to before they showed Alford the door.

Also went to the Sweet 16 w SW Missouri St…total 4 trips.

Won 66% of his games at UCLA matching his career win % in appx. 900 games.

It was never my standard but the ideas of getting fired from UCLA, when recruiting is the lifeline of college basketball, and then coming to Arkansas and winning (recruiting); just seems far fetched

Alford would likely do a similar job here as he did at Iowa. I hope this isn’t a real possibility.

Alford has had a couple of top-5 recruiting classes at UCLA. It’s winning with that talent that has been the issue. But the stargazers should love him in November.

We could do worse, but IMO we could do better.

Your post said didn’t win.

He did.

Whether he is the best candidate or not is debatable.

But he did win.

Followed Iowa athletics for a long time and this would not be a good hire for Arkansas. CBB did not work out and this hire would not workout in basketball.

He shouldn’t even be a candidate! this AD we got??? Smh

Just as it was with Ben Howland, Larry Brown, Gene Bartow? All former UCLA coaches whose careers recovered quite nicely after being shown the door ar UCLA.

Coaching there isn’t a dream job. The expectations are at best, unrealistic. The average tenure there post John Wooden era is 4-5 years.

Certainly welcome to your opinion

But to me you are overestimating the job and underestimating the coach.

He’s not John Wooden, but he’s also not a bum.

I don’t have a dog in the hunt so I don’t care who they hire.

Personally, it would be cool if it was somebody interesting.

But I know y’all want somebody guaranteed to win big here get back to the early 1990s.

I don’t know that there is a definite person out there that can, but we’ll see.

Would McCollum fit that definition?

I agree.

I think UCLA let him go too soon, he had done some major winning in my eyes.

They expect a lot, understandable.

I’d be happy with 3 SSs in 5 years.

He’s not my top choice, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if they hired him.

Articles out there indicating how bad it had gotten behind closed doors with him and the players at UCLA! Became a very toxic situation as the article I read a day ago indicated. I already posted my thoughts recently about a recruit I know well and is close to my best friends daughter who went on a official visit there last year. He saw the same thing in person and immediately removed them from his top 3. I don’t doubt he can coach but honestly hope we don’t get him.

Of all the smoke this is the worst candidate I’ve heard… Could be the worst hire in State public school history I rather hire a division 2 coach

The over-reaction is amusing.

The perpetually moving goal posts for the new hire means we could hire Coach K, but he’d be too old. Or, we’d hire Billy Donovan, but he’d not relate to recruits any more. You get the idea.

We are vetting candidates in our fandom by comparing the CANDIDATE to Nolan at his prime. But, we forget that Nolan got to his prime by being motivated to prove his naysayers wrong.

I’m not excited about Alford but here’s a guy who will want to prove his naysayers wrong AND has a track record of some success.

I certainly don’t hold him fully accountable for the BS surrounding some of his players (as individuals); UCLA seems uniquely poised to introduce drama into a program.

I don’t know much about him; hiring somebody else’s fired coach is never too exciting. But he did win at UCLA, just not enough. Arkansas just fired a coach who won, but not enough, so I would say at least we are not trading down for a Coach who’s never proven they can win at the big league level.

It reminds one of Texas running off Rick Barnes who got picked up by Tennessee. Proved to be a brilliant move by Tennessee.

Of the candidates I have heard mentioned, he looks like the most accomplished and best coach out there.

After getting played by Sampson and Beard, none of the options out there excite me much at all, and I don’t expect I’ll be excited about a new coach going forward until I see results.

One exception — Bill Self, who should have been Nolan’s replacement. But surely that’s not a realistic option.

P.S. On getting played — it was not a surprise. I and many predicted it. It was like an obvious movie plot line, could have seen it from 10 miles away.