Ted Kapita. He is now a freshman at NC State.

I watched him in a game a couple of weeks ago. He is wild! Big man with an attitude.
He should have been in the 2015 class I think. Then rumored headed to SMU but ended up in prep school. Just wonder if he will stay with Godfrey getting fired.

What if he ended up coming back here? Lol

That would be a Richard or Dudley ?

I don’t see him ever stepping foot on this campus unless he is with a visiting team

That shipped sailed a long time ago due to the people around him

I watched last week. I didn’t realize who he was until I noticed the big guy in the middle mad a couple turnovers in a row. I think he has a little work to do.

Bad blood Richard ? The young man has a short fuze. Fouls a lot but can go to hole. Out of control is the way I see him.

Not Richard, but he had some around him shady after he left prep school

Totally understand. Unethical adults mentoring a young man. That is unfortunate for the kid wherever he goes to school. Hope he cuts ties with those folks they will lead him no where.

He’ll turn 30 by his junior year…