Technical Trouble...

Once again…when I try to log onto a thread…the screen goes blurry and asks me to subscribe. Please fix this again.

Our techs made a quick change today that caused a brief interruption. We have checked your account and are able to access everything on the boards.

Same exact thing happened to me this morning, and I had not had any trouble until this recent “fix”. I logged out and logged back in on the main page. That let me in to the “insider board”, but once there, it did not show me as logged in, so I logged in a 2nd time. Since then, everything has worked fine. One log out and 2 log ins seemed to fix the problem.

For what it’s worth, it’s only happening with me on my iPhone. But it happens almost, if not every time. Very frustrating.

Same for me on my iPhone.

Yesterday I got in the do-loop and couldn’t get it to stick after 4-5 logins. Today it took 1.