Technical fouls for flopping?

NCAA rules committee has made that proposal.

Another interesting “how are they gonna judge that” rule. I’m completely against flopping and some are very obvious, but we all know that there will be flop calls made that are questionable. It’s equivalent to targeting calls in football and we’ve all seen teams get screwed over because of ball targeting calls.

I agree it would be tough, but I feel it should be a personal foul which would be costly.
Basktball has changed a lot. in my day. Years ago the defensive player who is set and contact is made was an offensive foul. But now IMO the guy with the ball close to the basket can do no wrong.

The hardest thing about calling fouls these days is the speed of the game is so much faster, the officials are really in a spot.

The restricted arc under the basket was a big change. Before people would take charges literally under the basket and get the call. Now they have to be outside the arc. And I remember a lot of Hog flopping that got the call anyway; Scott Hastings was a master at selling the flop.

This is not really a surprise, Soccer recently started doing yellow cards for flopping, which can lead to getting kicked out of the game and your team being shorthanded for the rest of the match. The need for it is not quite as great in basketball but flopping is definitely there.

As usual, the devil is in the details. How tight are the refs going to call that? I’m sure that some refs/crews will be quite lenient, some won’t. If it’s approved, of course.

Agreed. It needs to be addressed and the speed of the game makes calling flops harder. But I just refer back to previous experience, calling charges is hard enough watching for feet placement and body control of both players involved. Now a days, you do a simple bump on the defender and he flies to the floor and the offensive player gets a bad call. I read the article but would like to see a more concise set of standards of what officials will be looking for on flops.

Will be just more game stoppage.

Regular foul plus one shot seems strong enough.

Yet they still manage to get them in under 2 hours

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