Tech question on season BBall tickets I got yesterday

Yesterday, I received my season tickets. I downloaded all my tickets from my account to my android wallet. Afterward, when I was checking them, I noticed the date on the MO game was wrong and they used the date and time of the UNC Ashville game.

This was evidently corrected this morning because when I checked it today in my account, it had the correct time and date for the Mo game. I figured I would need to now download this corrected ticket to my wallet. When I pulled up my wallet, I discovered somehow, that ticket was now correct. It definitely was not correct last night.

Obviously, I understand how they corrected this in my ticket account, but how did they also correct it in my wallet? Why didn’t I have to delete the incorrect one in my wallet and replace it by downloading the corrected one from my ticket account? Does the ticket office have access to my wallet?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, as I’m not very tech savvy.

The record for the event isn’t in your wallet, only the ticket for the event. Since that ticket is tied to the event, all they had to do was change the date on event and it was reflected on your ticket. So they didn’t actually change anything in your wallet, just the event that was linked to your ticket if that makes sense.

So a duplicate of the ticket is not actually in my wallet, but just a link to the ticket in my account? As I understand it, the reason for moving tickets (or linking?) to your wallet is so you don’t need internet access when checking in at the gate. But, if my wallet has to link to my account to “see” the ticket, does that not require an internet connection?

Oh! I think I just answered my question. Both my ticket account through the Razorback app and my wallet are in my phone. Thanks, now it makes sense.

Mine haven’t hit my account yet, so I can’t help you. I got an email that my WBB tickets were in their, I have 4 SEC games total in my account, lol.

When I pulled up my account on the app, I just showed 3 tickets, but below those was a link that said, “view more”. when I clicked on that, they all appeared.

The Missouri game date has been corrected to Jan 4 2023

Yes, I fully understand how the app works. I had all my Men’s dates in there with the tickets not yet available, I had 4 Women’s games tickets in January and February, lol.

Strange - all mine were there and available.

I called the ticket office and he resent them, still only 4 games showing up, they’re checking with the “tech” guy, lol. He resent the Men’s tickets, said I should have received the email, I hadn’t, and they all went live and I’ve loaded them to my wallet. Now to get my parking passes.

I’m assuming the parking passes won’t come until after Monday’s exhibition game. It seems lately, they have used “park anywhere” for the exhibition games. They may send them earlier without passes for the exhibition game. If I remember right, I don’t think I got mine until after the exhibitions last year.

I got an email today with my Parking Pass location and noting that they will be sent via FedEx prior to Nov 7.

My email was a spam, lol. I was at the RF/ticket office today, asking why we were given 3 choices if I wasn’t going to get it! Also, has anyone received all of their WBB tickets in their app? I got 4 games, and spent 20 minutes at the ticket office with them trying to figure out why we, I know of some others, haven’t received them in the app.

WBB tickets have finally all shown up in my app.

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