Tech is just better than we are

0-2 for sure. Maybe we can fix things by October

That being the case (which appears to be correct), there is only one answer:


No excuse,

they are beating us in every phase of the game

they made adjustments at halftime and now beating us soundly

many look lost

But, as they say in golf, “It ain’t how ya drive, it’s how you arrive.”

This thread cracks me up.

I was convinced we’d loseby the start of the 4th qtr. We were getting outplayed in every aspect of the game. Fortunately, our last scoring drive was as well done as anything we did last year. Then the huge sack of their QB to force a punt allowed us to move the ball enough to eat up the clock. So in retrospect, perhaps we weren’t as bad as it felt at the time. Still, I’d hoped for better pass protection from the O-line & certainly hoped for better pass defense. The same problems we saw last year with little underneath passes eating us up.

I was optimistic we could beat TCU. Now I’m not at all. Doesn’t mean we won’t, but it’ll take much better play than we saw today. Fortunately, we still have time before we play A&M to improve some things.

I can see why you are already conceding defeat to TCU, they look like a real juggernaut as the lead the mighty Jackrabbits of S Dakota St. by a touchdown late in the 3rd. 0-2 for sure? You do realize the wins go on the left and the losses on the right?

I wrote that before I saw what SDSU was doing to TCU. I based my opinion solely on our performance. Fortunately, our performance isn’t the only one that matters. We can improve from this week & TCU might be weaker than I expected.

As for your snarky comment about where wins & losses are located on the ledger sheet…well, I’ll let that go. Perhaps you’ll always analyze & predict things perfectly this season. We’ll find that out soon enough, too

To be fair. SDSU is Top 25 in FCS. The Top 25 teams that play the FCS Top 25 always seem to struggle. Like those little FCS schools are trying to prove something. In all honesty, I bet the Jackrabbits could beat La Tech.

It always seems the first week of the season has more upsets than usual. There are probably several reasons. One, there’s too much tendency to think this year’s team is almost the same as last year’s team. Two, I suspect depth tends to be more important as the year goes on. FCS & G5 schools haven’t suffered injuries this early, so their lack of depth vs. the bigger schools isn’t as pronounced. Three, there’s just more parity in college football than there used to be, but it’s still too common for major teams to take lesser teams lightly. Players tend to read the press clippings & message boards, too. No matter how hard they try, it’s hard to believe a La Tech or SDSU is really a threat. Most of the time they’re not, but often enough they are. I have no doubt if MSU played S. Alabama 10 more times, they’d will all 10, but MSU quit playing in the second half & their 17-0 lead got blown away.