Tech help...

I have no problem accessing the forum content. However, every time I try to access an article from the home page, it tells me to become a subscriber to read the content. I’m already a subscriber. I have tried to clear my cookies and all that jazz. This is on my phone, which I have always used to access the site. If somebody could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am using the Google chrome browser.

Re=boot, sign out and back in.

After that call that number for help. Guarantee they will help.

Have tried rebooting. Tried different browsers. Sent an e-mail to the tech support. After looking at the Hawg lounge forum, it appears many others are having the same problem.

Count me as one of them. Been that way for weeks. The canned remedies don’t work.

Send an email to tech support, as it it out of business hours now. Look at the FAQ thread for the email address.

I’ve been there and done that a couple of times. So far tech support consists of “log out and log back in.” There has been no follow up when this doesn’t fix the problem. It’s been weeks of growing frustration.

Try calling now during business hours.

Same here. I’m done when my subscription runs out. Been like this off and on for months.

How about you guys fixing the problem? It’s one thing after another, week after week…pop-ups from Amazon, having to log in log out continuously, now it only shows the hog lounge is available for long tome subscribers and your answer is to email tech support? Most folks on here don’t have time for all these tech issues/problems. Strongly recommend you guys invest to fix your problems.

They must have a kludge to pair logins to the newspaper site with logins to WHS and the message boards.

For a while, I had to login to the Democrat-Gazette site, switch to WHS, then do a separate login to the message boards when prompted.

Have not had any issues lately, but mobile does bring a different runaround. Mobile might be on yet another set of platforms.