Tebow to Jags!

Yes. Several times. I voted for defensive players. Sophs.

I don’t have unwritten rules. :slight_smile:

That’s one of the things Bill Connors explained to me when I became a voter. Bill was the state picker for voters In Oklahoma. Any classification can win. No rules is what he explained.

The direct quote from Bill, “No class warfare.”

I wish I could recall my voting history year by year. It’s been a long time.

Clay voting history not required, if you say it I believe it 100%.

Another question -
Do you think DMac would have won the Heisman as a Soph (with the same numbers he put up) if he played for FL, Bama, LSU or any other SEC powerhouse at that time? With the same won-lost record as AR had.

As Clay Travis tweeted, Sports Media have spent more time criticizing Tebow for trying this comeback than they have criticizing DeShaun Watson of being accused of sexually assaulting 22 women.


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Yeah, you can kneel in protest and they call you courageous, committed and hold you in high regard. Kneel to pray and they criticize you for open display of your religious faith and ridicule you.
Don’t know if he will succeed or not, but I wish him all the luck in making a comeback.
I agree with Clay, that if he wasn’t so determined to play QB and agreed to another position, he would probably have succeeded in a longer, more successful NFL career.
Determination is great and can get you far in life, but stubbornness can also keep you from getting as much out of life as possible.

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The criticisms of Kaepernick and other kneeling NFL players dwarf whatever mild criticism Tebow ever received for having knelt and prayed on the field. That cannot be debated. Sure, a few nuts did criticize Tebow for doing his thing. But, for goodness sake‘s, we had a sitting vice president show up at an NFL Colts game and theatrically walk out just to criticize and protest what Kaepernick and others did. Most of the NFL owners basically blackballed Kaepernick.

These media talking heads like Clay Travis like to draw contrasts to inflame passions. Most of the time the contrasts don’t really exist.

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Careful there, hawgjaw. I 100% agree but you’re going to ruffle some feathers.

Two pathetic to get feathers ruffled over. Willful blindness caused from political extremism. I know which man I would prefer my sons to emulate. I hope Tebow is successful and keeps adding to his millions.

Well, I agree with your second sentence, provided you’re looking in a mirror. LOL.

Never really had a problem with Tebow, but got very tired of the overblown, 24-7, non-stop hype. Yes he was a great player, but announcers would act like he had just walked on water after even just routine plays. Then we would have to listen to the talking heads remind us how great he was every time you turned on sports. Always reminded me of Tiger Woods in that regard.

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Well, I see your point. But Tiger has many more skins on the wall than Tebow ever dreamed of. The hype is far more justified for Tiger.

Tiger is great, but I got tired of listening to how great he was when he would hit a mediocre short iron 15 ft. from the pin. Or when they would keep showing him looking at a putt from 4 directions when he was 10 strokes back, instead of showing other players’ shots. Tebow was the same way, they would put a short pass on the goal line that any 7th grade qb could make in the Sportscenter top 10, just to keep talking about him. What’s funny, I actually like watching him on the SEC pregame show, think he’s pretty good at it.

Gosh, I’m surprised at your take. :lying_face:

More “willful blindness” I guess. I will be sure to work on that. LOL.

You are not blind. Still, what Tiger could do and make it look effortless was a sight to behold. RARE level of competence. Michael Jordan like.

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