Tebow to Jags!

I just saw where the Jax Jaguars signed Tim Tebow to play TE!
Interesting, but not surprising, considering Urban Meyer was his college coach.

Been kicked around for over a week. I guess Meyer is the only Coach he would switch positions for.

That, and he was happy to get the chance to play.

Baseball did not work out well. I predict this will not either.

The Jags are desperate for a PR boost…

Never really understood the Tebow “hate”.

Yeah, yeah he “stole” McFadden’s Heisman.

The guy is a freak athlete, was just a great college football player, and has never been anything but a good role model off the field. Yet many fans of many programs take digs at the guy whenever they can.

Seems like there are much more deserving targets of some shots sent Tebow’s way.

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I hope he is successful.

One thing for sure Tebow will give it his best shot. Shouldn’t be to beat up for a 33 year old. Will need to shake off the football rust after all this time away.

Tebow’s arrogance was a strength and a detriment. It was a strength when he vowed that he would not lose another game and basically willed the future wallets to a national title.
But then he thought that he should be an NFL QB and refused to accept a change in position. It will be interesting to see how successful he is at the position that many think is best for his talents.



If he’d agreed to play tight end when he came out of college – as most said he should, he’d be looking at a nice NFL pension now. He’s probably got a healthy bank account. TV and speaking stops can be lucrative.

The Jags are one of the worst teams in the NFL and trying to churn up fan interest with their local hero. Good luck, Tebow and the Jags need a lot of it.

That is the only issue for me. I like him as a person. I think he is sincere. But I will go to my grave upset over the Heisman.

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Actually, D-Mac was robbed one year before Tebow won. Troy Smith won because he was a senior and because a sophomore had never won. That was a joke.


Smith win was a travesty. Tebow had Steve superior and media hype. D-Mac should have definitely won as a sophomore and even his junior year, IMHO.

Some will argue Smith put up the numbers and beat more top 10 teams that year. Some will argue that rules changed for Tebow to win as a soph. Because of wins and a Nat. champ.
Fact remains remains DMac put up the numbers against SEC defenses 2 years in a row. Voters thought they were doing AR favors placing him 2nd both years.

I think he should have both in 2006 and 2007. That said, in 2006 no one was considering D-Mac until late in the year. Coming in second that year was an achievement in itself. It was the next year that gets my goat. D-Mac went in as one of the favorites to win it (coming in second as a Soph). Then Tebow won it when he didn’t have near the stats D-Mac did. Neither one had a great NFL career, but clearly D-Mac’s was better (unless something changes going forward.)

There has never been a rule against sophomores or freshmen.

The ballot says simply vote for the most outstanding college football player in America. You have three blanks. You list your first, second and third pick.

I’ve been a voter since 1978. I can say for sure the ballot is the same every year since then. No place to list class and no instructions other than what I just listed.

The hate comes from a few issues. Tebow is athletic, well spoken, has good looks, been mostly successful in his life, and seems to be a fine upstanding citizen. Things most of his critics can’t say.

Unwritten rule - soph had never won the Heisman until that point.

Clay had you ever voted for a Soph or Frosh Heisman before 2006?