Tears in my eyes

Read the letter from Mike Neighbors on the UA Athletics website. very moving. literally brought tears to my eyes.

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/glory … 203zoma9o1

What a letter. Great hire and hope it works out for Mike and the team.WPS !!!

Great letter. Now he needs to go find some talented young basketball players who share that dream with him. Great hire by Jeff Long.

I love this (especially the part that I emphasized):
[quote]My program will be built on three things. It’s very simple.

TRUST – The highest form of loyalty that has to be earned, managed and sometimes re-earned. If we don’t have this, nothing will work and the stool’s legs will fall off and everything will collapse.

TALENT – It doesn’t mean you can dribble, shoot, pass and rebound. It’s a lot of other things like the ability to engage with the fan base and willingness to sign autographs for a 10-year-old child you might be inspiring.

TIME – It’s just not being on time or making time. It’s how you utilize your time and who you invest your time with and be around.

Trust, talent and time. Those will be our pillars

Just so moving. He is a great coach. Go Hogs!!!

Two words:


Howdy Neighbors, and welcome home. It sounds like this job fits you like a gel molded house slipper. I hope you are given plenty of time to clean this mess up. We all know it’s not going to be easy. I was pretty disgusted by the events of these past few months. Really didn’t think I would ever care about Arkansas Women’s basketball again. After reading your story however, I’m really rooting for you. I figure I’m probably 2-3 years away from moving to NWA. I hope you’re on your way to great things when I get there. I’ll make it a point to watch as many of your games as I can when I get there. I n fact I think I’ll make it a point to drive up and see a couple of your games before then. Best of luck and WPS!

This love is so important. I think many, perhaps most of us could say similar things about our time in Fayetteville and what it meant to our life. I say similar things so often.

I am sure he is a good, perhaps great coach. It will take time. I hope he is given it. He certainly is not coming into a loaded situation. Still, we saw what SC and MSU just did. Why not us?

I wish him well.

Yes, I do to. My biggest regret is not going to the UA right out of high school. I did the JUCO thing for 2 years. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve driven back up 540 and topped the hill to see UA in the distance. I get a little choked up and tears form in the corners of my eye EVERY TIME!

Wonderful. It’s great to have a true Razorback come home.

Just like the last women’s basketball coach?

Yes an Arkansas graduate, but this one has a resume of a Final Four & Sweet Sixteens can you see the difference? WPS!

Of course, but the poster said “a true Razorback.” The last coach was a true Razorback.

Yes. The last women’s coach didn’t succeed, but it was still good to have him home. I wish nothing but the best for Jimmy Dykes. He was a great ambassador. Just not a good coach.