Teams that need a win this weekend

For their version of Larry:

Misery. Let’s not let that happen.
Auburn. All the good feelings of the Cadillac regime go out the window after the impending Bama beatdown.
Vandy. Oops. A lot of angry people in orange coming down I-40
Michigan State. That $95M deal doesn’t look quite so good now (but better than Jimbo’s deal)

Ain’t going nowhere: Iowa State (maybe Campbell should have taken somebody’s money), West Virginia, Arizona. And oh yeah, Texas A&M.

We badly need to beat MO. I hate they have something to play for, but I think with a healthy KJ, Wagner, & now-returned Slusher, we’re a much better team. But if SC can beat EOE-K by 25 points, anything can happen.

They’re now EME. Evil Mustard Empire. The original EOE remains intact.