Teams now allowed to give need based aid

… without it counting against the scholarship total. Note that this is for all partial scholarship sports. It also allows for “stacking” which was not available before.

I’ve been told that this won’t help us, as our scholarships are discretionary, and this only applies to non-discretionary scholarships.

Can someone 'splain the logic behind this to this Lucy? Are you saying that a baseball player on a partial scholarship cannot currently receive a Pell Grant, lottery scholarship, academic scholarship, etc.? And they want to keep it that way? I thought this non-athletic scholarship being added to the partial athletic scholarship was already the norm now!

They can add any scholarship that is available to all. They won’t be able to add academic scholarships from the UofA that aren’t available to all students making the same ACT scores and GPA’s. Any needs based scholarship is fine. Two kids can both have 33 ACT’s and 4.0, but won’t necessarily both receive the same scholarship. They base the rest off of extra curricular stuff and an essay. So, they are discretionary scholarships.

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