Teams left standing in Omaha

If Texas A&M eliminates Notre Dame as looks to be the case, then that will leave 5 teams still standing in Omaha. Of those 5 teams, 4 of them are SEC West teams and the other, Oklahoma, is a future SEC team. If that doesn’t scream dominance from the mountain tops to the plains then I don’t know what does.

Amazing that our little division will have 80% of the teams left in Omaha. WOW.

I hope after tonight the Hogs are one of the ones still standing. If not its still one hell of a season in what is clearly a crazy year for the SEC West.


And we were being told by the pundits all year that the West was DOWN.


Yes down. All the way down to 3 of the Final 4 teams are SEC West…

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And in 2026 all four of them will be in the SEC West, presuming they keep divisions for baseball which is a safe bet.

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