Teams for the Red-White game

Interesting. Would love to know CEM’s strategy in making the line ups.
Noticed he has the three five stars going against the pair of returnees. Coincidence???
UA…Campus of Champions

I’ll take the Red Team -10.5


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Agree. I think the Red team will win by double difits

Seeing these teams designated like this makes me think about the competition in practices. One would think as the saying goes, “iron sharpens iron”. Not totally unusual to have some internal competition, but I can’t remember many teams having this number of big men to battle in practices. Looking forward to the season.

Yes, the red team does look stronger. However, I could also see Brazile really going off. The only big that could possibly give him some trouble is Kamini, but he’s on his team. I was a little surprised that Muss didn’t split Nick and AB if he was trying to put 2 competitive teams on the floor. They appear to be the only really good PG types.

I think Muss will switch up the teams in-game.

Yeah, I figure he will. Especially if it’s one-sided at half time.

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White team has the potential to be a tough, defensive minded team, so might not be as one sided as people are expecting. Really wish I could watch it, but I’m counting on Scottie and crew to give us a good feel for how it goes.

Well I am on the arena, and NS is in white and warmed up with the White

Wonder how many are there??

Maybe half full

Which would be about 4000

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