Teams for Saturday's Red-White game

I like Team Nolan to win by 12.

I think I like Team Nolan, too.

I think it’s split pretty evenly, but I’d give team Nolan the edge too. IMHO, team Nolan has 3 probable starters in Cheney, Cylla, and Jones. Team Eddie has 2 probable starters, (Joe and Whitt) but has the team’s best player in Joe. Team Eddie also has 2 big guards in Joe and Whitt. We know CEM favors big guards.

Should be a good game!

I’ll go Eddie. Joe and Whitt light it up.

An FYI for anyone attending: There will be four eight-minute quarters and a seven-minute break for halftime.

Is it a running clock?

There has been no mention of that, so I wouldn’t expect one.

Scottie, can we park in Lot 56 Sat?

I would think so, but suggested lots, according to releases, are Lot 44 (the big lot behind the north end zone expansion) and any university lot west of Razorback Rd. Here is a map: