Teams are going to start picking on Clark

Tam threw at him several times and I do not remember a single time he was close to making a play, a great game against Ole Miss but I really don’t think he SEC quality and I believe teams are going to be looking in his Direction anytime they need a play

I agree with you that they will pick on him.

I wonder if we played a different scheme this time. In the OM game, it looked to me (untrained eye for sure) that Clark was able to play closer to the receiver, watch the QB, and then break for the ball. More of a gimmick that would be exploited?

Against the Aggies, he looked to be further off the receiver and wasn’t close enough to make a break.

But maybe they were just able to get more separation? And the QB got the ball there quicker.

I trust Odom.

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I think this was the result of Catalon being out.


Also a result of the great offensive line play of the Aggies. We really had a hard time stopping the run. You’ve got to give it up to them, they have built both sides of the ball on the lines.

They played very little zone. It was a game where linebackers and safeties were involved in stopping the run. Mond had lots of time. Receivers could run any move they wanted and had time. Good offensive line play and a running game does that. Irunalot is spot on with his comments.

Clark had very little help from safeties and was exposed. So was Brown. Both corners were exposed. So was Bumper against the play action. Tight end was open because of that.

They committed to stopping the run and Mond was plenty good to make them pay and made few mistakes.

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I told some hog fans that yesterday, J.C for sure will be checking out his confidence level this week vs the Vols!


I think Clark will hold his own. He’s 6’-2", runs a 4.6, product of an elite high school program, has a great family and most importantly of all, has HEART! He’s not shy in going for the interception and will sacrifice his body in making tackles.


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I love the kid! very good tackler and has good hands but just feel like teams are going to make him prove he can play in this league. I sure hope he can because we need reliable Play in our secondary.

Yeap…They going to make his earn that Hudson island motto!

Clay summed it up well, however, I agree with youdaman and am concerned that opponents will continue to target Clark (I too love his heart and he is a good tackler, but a 4.6 forty doesn’t impress me at the cornerback position). I checked him out several times during the A&M game and he was generally providing huge cushions on his man.

Tennessee’s offense is similar to A&M in several ways – run first, huge up front with talented skill position players. We will have to stop the run to have a chance to win. They’ve struggled at the QB position, so hopefully we won’t get a repeat of Mond’s performance but we’ve got to find a way to get more pressure on the QB.

Clark is at his best when he can be aggressive and go for big plays but for that to happen, he will have to have help over the top, we cannot leave him in man coverage and expect them to stay with the elite athletes in this league

You can say that about all of our DB’s when the QB has all day to pick out a receiver. Brown and Jacobs weren’t on their guys like glue against Georgia or Auburn, we don’t have Bama type DB’s, and probably never will.

Catalon is the difference maker, best player in the back seven. He helps our young db’s. Clark will be fine, so will Khari.

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I believe that Coach Odom, who sees his players in practice each day,i s putting the best 11-plus players he can out on the field in each game and using the best scheme he can against each offense to give his defense the best chance to compete.

I believe that has been successful for the most part except for Texas A&M.

if Hudson Clark is playing, I trust Coach Odom has his reasons.

I also know that playing a recruited walk on at any position in an SEC game is a dicey deal.

But it is the hand that Arkansas has been dealt. It appears to me that McC lellion left because Jacobs beat him out and then Jacobs opted out because Clark, Blair and Slusher had taken his playing time.

There are certainly times that criticism is warranted, but I think it is also appropriate to remember that the the last two coaching staff got fired because it wasn’t working.

Especially the last staff, which basically faceplanted into oncoming traffic in the left lane.

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Spot on Dudley!

If we can’t get any pressure on the QB (get some hard licks on him legally) then our whole secondary will get picked on and apart by an experienced QB. None of them can stick to the best receivers in this league one on one. Hence, why we play the zones.

There are no secondaries in the SEC that I’ve seen this year that can survive long without pressure on the QB. I saw what Ole Miss did to Alabama’s secondary. It was brutal. The equalizer is to beat a man to pressure the QB.

I don’t think football has changed much. Petrino explained it to me early in his time at Arkansas. The game revolves around who can hit the other team’s QB and who can keep him from getting hit. I know Odom understands that because I asked him. He said that was spot on what he believes.

If you believe a QB is good at picking up blitzes and knowing where to take the ball to the hot receiver, you don’t blitz. If you believe he can’t do that, you blitz. You drop and cover against an experienced QB with a good O-line. You blitz and overload the blockers against a suspect QB. I would think that the Tennessee quarterback has mostly been in that second category until lately and then it’s not consistent game to game. So I think you might blitz him a little and make him prove he can beat that. If he can, you get out of that.

I’m not sure which side that Clark plays on but I would try to always have him on the side where the razorbacks bench will be, which all depends on tempo of the other offense…