Team Value #15 per WSJ

For what it’s worth, the Univ. of Arkansas is currently the 15th most valuable college basketball franchise, based on a ranking published today in the Wall Street Journal. The rankings are based on revenues, and growth, etc. Imagine if we start winning like the old days, we’ll be back in the top 5 or 10 pretty quickly, i would guess. Arkansas is ranked the second highest of SEC schools, and also ahead of Texas, and Michigan, among others. Thanks again to Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson -and to Mike Anderson, and to Sidney, Ron Brewer, Marvin Delph, Scott Hastings, Darrell Walker, Alvin Robertson, Joe Klein, Todd Day, Lee Mayberry, Oliver Miller, Corliss (!), Scotty, Joe Johnson, Patrick Beverley, Bobby Portis, and Daniel Gafford, (to name a few, apologies to those many great ones left off), and all the other great Arkansas players and coaches, for building this program. We are on our way back, I believe. We have the revenues, facilities, tradition, and the fan support to support a much higher performing team. Good luck to Coach Musselman! I am sure he knows how big an opportunity this is, and it’s nice to know he believes we’ve got the talent to win now! WPS.

A lot of that has to do with ticket revenue. It’s interesting that people bemoan attendance - and I get it - but ticket sales have always been strong at Arkansas, even through lean years. Arkansas sells more season tickets than a lot of program’s have seats in their arenas.

I have made that point several times, even to people like Wally. Ticket sales matter a lot more than butts in the seat. In fact, if they announce the attendance the old way (tickets sold), Wally and a lot of fans wouldn’t even know about drop in actual attendance.

Thank you Coach Broyles, the architect of it all.

I think Mike got eight years because the ticket sales/revenue didn’t drop off very much, whereas as I recall, declining ticket sales was the main reason cited for firing Stan Heath (who got to the Dance his last two years but lost in the first round each time).

Sure, you want people to show up and the arena to be loud, but the world is not what it was in 1994. Lot of ways for people to spend a Wednesday night that weren’t available 25 years ago, including watching every game on SECN and tweeting about it. We’re not the only school with an unused ticket problem. According to a January story in the Louisville paper, UK has a no-show rate of 28 percent (although its scanners may not be any more accurate than ours are). Our no-show rate is probably closer to 40 percent. Matt, that would be an interesting thing to sic Scottie on :slight_smile:

If the product is first rate, the crowds will be there. You will have people from south and east Arkansas that still buy tickets who will start going to games again. There will be sellouts regularly. WPS

Forbes had a similar ranking of the most valuable programs about a month ago; we were 14th in that one. Average profit of about $12 million over a three-year period, all of which came under Mike. Second most valuable in the SEC behind KY.

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Yeah I am not buying that, of course are sales are strong, we have one of the top 10 fan bases in all of sports, but everybody notices the lack of butts in the seats. Lack of butts in the seats is an important leading indicator of apathy, apathy leads to eventually decreased ticket sales and contributions to the foundation.

I beg to differ. You won’t notice it unless you come to BWA for the games. It is hard to tell on TV between 10,000 and 14,000.