Team unity

Can any of our esteemed writers explain what the locker room atmosphere is with the team behind the scenes?

I listened to the radio and I heard multiple guests say that there is tension and some division in the locker room. BUT, I listened to all the player interviews from today that have been posted to this point, and they have stressed that’s not the case. Now, I’m not naive to think that there isn’t some resentment with players at other players and coaches, but O’Grady and Richardson really stressed that the unity of the team is way different than last year and that they were still grinding and fighting together. I would think that they were just echoing what the coaches would want them to say, but the passion they showed in those answers made me think otherwise.

Am I naive in believing what they say about the unity of the team? Multiple players even said with Bush, that they tried to talk him out of transferring, but it sounded more like relatives got into his ear about transferring.

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Any time you’re losing like Arkansas, you’re going to have a few issues. I haven’t heard anything like last year’s locker room though.

What were some of the things that went on last year in the locker room?

Not buying in. Most of those guys have left.

Unlike last years team and Beliema’s team the previous year this team has not quit

No they have not - I will give them that. Of course at the same point last year they had not quit. Played tough against A&M and fought hard against Ole Miss.

That said, the mental and physical tests really ramp up the next two Saturdays. Arkansas is likely to go in to the MSU game on a five game skid and the Bulldogs likely on a four game skid.

The winner of that game may well be the one that’s still dialed in and wants it more. It will be a real gut check for both teams.