Team rankings for BB recruiting On3

I am intrigued that our BB NIL money is lower than our FB NIL money. Seems odd with more kids and lower star ranks in FB than basketball. 21 k for BB and 25 k for FB.

Seems like a bogus list to me. Oregon has 1 five star and 1 4 star. We have 2 of each and yet they are rated higher?

Perhaps they are reaping a higher value as a result of increased Nike payments. If you buy a bicycle for $800 but a competitor managed to pay $1500 for a similar bike, you will tend to think his must better.

Not buying those numbers at all.

Dudley, should we be higher or lower in each list?

I did once upon a time. I had two great bikes, but the one I doted over and spent too much on was a Raleigh Carlton Competition. A lifetime ago.

My point is that I don’t think that athletic departments are turning over real numbers so I don’t see how they could form an accurate list.

That would not be good business.

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