team playing scared

cant even hardly get a shot everybody so tentative Macon the only one who came to play!!

That’s BS. If we had hit our open looks, the game would have been very even.

no its not BS! we had a few open looks early and that was it!! we were taken out of this game because as soon as we caught the ball w had nowhere to go with it. just looked like we never seen good man to man defense

Comments: I’m not sure if I agree with that analogy. however it does appear as a team with don’t play well when the officiating is one sided, and Kingsley who is one of of our leader that does not respond well to adversity created by the refs. For example the Minnesota game, OSU, Florida, and Kentucky games. Loud chanting crowds and the officiating appears to have brought in to the chants of the crowds. I attribute that to his inexperience to basketball played in the USA

I gotta call BS, too, Billy.

They didn’t play well, but they didn’t play scared.

Not at all.

They played poorly at times but being scared had nothing to do with it. Cal and KY will be the scared one’s next fall… didn’t say their talent wouldn’t prevail then, but the Hogs are not going to back down.

I appreciate ya’lls reply, everybody got their opinion,what makes he board fun…

The team appeared to have too much energy early. It was a big game and the missed shots by everyone seemed to be because of nervous energy. It happens to players in their first time on a big stage. To me that is all it was. I somewhat expected it.