Team meeting


Will that be open to the media? Will you guys cover it?

Would seriously doubt it. But even if it’s not, let’s not botch this like we did the academics-only meeting last week. Hide Scottie in a duffle bag somewhere off to the side of the room … we need updates each minute!

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LOL. Remember Morris’ first meeting with the players, when he told them to sit up straight and keep both feet on the floor? Wow, we were going to have a coach who wouldn’t put up with any crap! He couldn’t win an SEC game but we were going to sit up straight.

That was one of the reason why I had to ask.

It will be interesting as to how he is received by the current Hog players. If there is little to no action in the transfer portal over the next few days, that will be a good sign!

I think that will strongly depend on OC hire.

Not worried about defensive players, not many of them have an opportunity to transfer anywhere worth their time.

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Agreed, but I would like to hear a few - Yessssss Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr before the quiet period.

Can you ever say something positive? SMDH

If you follow me, you’d know that I do. Am I in love with the hire? No, but I said I won’t rag on it anymore and that I desperately want him to do well. I’ll only get re-pissed if we go to pro style offense, because it just won’t work.


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Mr. Offensive Expert here. I’m not going to say Dr. Expert cause you ain’t a DDS yet. Georgia’s done pretty darn well (43-12 record) with a pro style offense under Kirby. Hell we were doing pretty well until we ran out of linemen.

How’d it work last night?

They let a heisman finalist walk away, and stuck with the prototypical pro style qb, who isn’t even remotely as good.

The offense can put up good numbers. But it’s just out dated. You have to be able to keep up with modern times and offenses. It’s a lot easier to defend. Because it’s not as multiple, not as many options, possibilities.

It also helps when you are one of, if not the most talented team. We won’t ever have the level of talent that Georgia has.

We need an offense that gives us a chance with our really good skill players.

I’m no offensive genius, but it’s just how football is these days.

Mr Dent, have you played or coached CFB? Just curious where your strong opinions come from.

Yes, for 24 years. … no I haven’t.

But, what is the common factor with the 4 offenses in the play off ?

They all do the EXACT same thing? Doing something different from everybody else
seems like a good idea to me. We need all the edge we can get. Pittman’s last year w Enos
as OC our offense controlled the ball keeping the high octane opposition off the field and tiring the defense + we were hard to prepare for. A blanket statement “That won’t work” is just silliness.
But whatever Sam decides, pretty sure it won’t be Rhett Lashlee as OC though! :crazy_face:

No. The meeting is at 9:30.

He doesn’t like Dans offense. Neither does Dans current employer. It’s dated.

Idc who he hires, I just want it to be a good hire that gives us a chance. Pro style is too limited these days and dated.

I personally do really like Lashlee and would love for him to get the job. He’s an Arkansas boy and you could guarantee he would want the job.

Well this was the night Morris lost the team, let’s not let that happen again.

No way it will be repeat performance.