Team looks nothing like a National seed

there really is nothing RIGHT NOW that this team does consistently and that you can really COUNT ON other than our starters usually hold to 3 and under outside of that you can’t depend on our defense bullpen or our ability to hit in the clutch and National seeds can do all of those…got time to turn things around but this team right now is finding ways to lose!! will make a preacher drink Hard liquor!!!

I think you have to remember that you’re watching college baseball, not professional. Every team has holes and inconsistencies, even the national seeds.

This team hasn’t fully adjusted to being the hunted yet. They are not sure how to handle their success.

No doubt they’ve looked bad in this series, but despite their record, MSU is an SEC team & capable of playing very well, especially at home. It’s hard to get a national seed, but we haven’t played ourselves out of one just yet. We need a good week at home next week. And we need to win this 3rd game very badly.

Mississippi State has won nine of its last 14, with seven wins over LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss and Arkansas.

Here we go again.

We’ll just chalk it up to a crap weekend. Really need 4-1 this week tho…

This team will round into form in May.
Dave will get the batting order figured out, Knight and Campbell will be able to go 7 innings. Cronin, Ramage, Reindl will be solid on the mound.



got time to do it but we got a lot of pieces of the puzzle to come together not just one thing is why its going to be tough.

State has pretty good talent. They got gut-punched just before the season started with their coach getting run off for off-field stuff, and it has taken them a while to get their heads around the season. So they are not a bunch of stiffs.

On the other hand, we played just well enough to lose three games in a row. I can’t remember any year we’ve had a really good team when we did not hit a pothole or two, even when we went to Omaha. It’s really hard to play in a conference like the SEC and just sail through with no problems. Hopefully we get back out of the ditch and play better the next five, but even if they stay in a funk a few more games there is no reason to panic.

i agree NLR I think what this team needs is to get these midweek games over where we can work on the fundamentals and let our undermanned pitching staff get rested up…those midweek games are a killer!! especially when you have to play teams like TT and Texas!

One series. We are tied for 1st in the West. Let’s see how the Hogs react. Texas Tech next!