Team has to keep the pedal to the medal

I know we aren’t playing top 5 teams the next 3 weeks but this is the SEC! SC is a dangerous team that can hit for power and have stomped Fla and Kentucky in a game and Miss state just took 2/3 for OM,we can’t afford a let down and lose a series we shouldn’t and I don’t think we will with all our experience but we have played down to our competition more than I thought they would to be honest.

What competition has there been to “play down” to? The last four weekends have all been top flight teams. Even the nonconference weekend and midweek teams have been contenders in their conferences, for the most part.

USC is a good ball Club but barely over 500 and 4 and 7 in their conference and Kent State is a good ballclub but they are not our caliber and Charlotte is definitely nowhere in our league louisiana-monroe is not close to being as good as we are yet we struggled with all of those teams in at least one game is what I’m talking about

Shouldn’t that be “keep the pedal to the metal”. You must be one of those “who could care less” about correcting spelling. :sunglasses:

I didn’t have my readers on and didn’t catch that! old age is real!

The readers are big for me these days.

mine too Dudley and obviously I can’t see too well without them LOL