Team has to be smarter with runners in scoring position

Pretty much all these games in the SEC are decided by who executes the best with runners in scoring position. Last night we left at least two runs off the board by not executing.
We had the bases loaded one out and got one run, runners on first and second and nobody out and got nothing really surprised DVH did not Bunt during that time.
We have got to do a lot better job of knowing the strike zone and putting the ball in play or taking our walks, too many times we are swing at balls out of the strike zone or taking hittable pitches for strike three. All these teams we have left to play have great Friday and Saturday starters so it’s going to be imperative that we take advantage of the opportunities we are given and not squander chances to score runs, it will determine who wins the game 90% of the time.

I don’t know what the heck Goodheart was doing after that double. Infield single and he doesn’t advance. Would have scored the tying run after the next ground ball. Otherwise they just outpitched us.

Not necessarily addressed at you, but this makes me think back to when my oldest was playing and pitching. If he was struggling trying to throw strikes, I’d yell, “just throw strikes”. Later on when we were sitting at a MLB game watching, having a beer, he said, “Dad, did you think I was trying to throw balls“ I understand your frustration, but these players are trying their best, sometimes you just don’t succeed.


… I understand your frustration, but these players are trying their best, sometimes you just don’t succeed.

[/quote]I wonder what Ezell was thinking when that medium grade roller in the fourth inning bounded over first base, sort of trickling into right field. To me, it looked like Ezell was just into “watching” rather than moving. I felt like it could have easily been knocked down, if not fielded for an out. Perhaps, I didn’t see it well, but even the announcer seemed to wonder what was going on?

On the other hand, I recall an excellent diving effort by Vandy’s SS to rob Goodheart of a clean hit. I agree with Youda, Vandy wanted it.

My point is that it appeared they out pitched us but in reality we got ourselves out 90% of the time by not swing at strikes. Martin is simply trying too hard could almost walk every time he bats, they are not trying to throw him strikes. Kjerstad swung at balls pretty much all night long. The good thing with both those guys are you better make your pitch where you want it or they’re going to hit it out but I wouldn’t be surprised if dvh starts playing a lot more small ball.

The hogs weren’t out pitched. Vandy had a better approach at the plate and hit the mistakes. We failed to make the routine play in left field and dove for a ball that went to the fence. Another ball down the first base line hits the bag and our 1st basemen was standing still almost, Vandy hit an excuse me swing line drive down the right field line that hit chalk! We failed to run the bases and we took cuts at balls over our head to strike out! We took pitches that were very hittable.

Maybe more eye exams needed.

I hear ya Jim we need 7 more Goodhearts!

Put Goodheart in the leadoff spot! He’s the one that needs more AB’s. He does need to work on his base running.