team folding like a cheap tent

team has become way to passive at the plate! especially Arledge!! and Bonfield too here lately unless its 3-0 swing the bat!!! so emabrrasing to watch a ball right down the middle!!never have and never will understand that!! np part of this team functioning well enough to beat even the lesser teams right now…weve seen them flip the switch before but unless we get back to being aggressive at the plate…aint happening!!

There’s a lot more going wrong with this team than unaggressive hitters. This is the second straight year the team started to tank in late April. One is bad luck, two is a trend. Funny to me that people give DVH a pass for everything when BB or MA would be getting shredded on here.

totally agree and as I mentioned no part of this team is playing at a level that will win in this league… you cant make routine errors and lose games you cant blow 5-7 run leads,you cant sit back and hope the pitcher will walk you…swing the bat and play relaxed! have fun,DVH looks like he would be hard to play for. never ever see the man smile,that has to get old! if I were a player…he has had great success and hard to question what he’s doing but Miss state is doing more with less and look at their coach,he is enthusiastic(Kentucky coach too) and yes I know we swept them but I can assure you it would happen know unless they were doing the sweeping!

DVH has taken 6 teams to the CWS (4 at UA). He has missed one NCAA Tournament in 15 years at UA.

His teams fold like a cheap rent? Goodness!

My thoughts exactly.
While I am frustrated by our lack of ability to consistently secure hosting at Baum, the man has consistently put us in the NCAAT and won when we’ve been there.

And we will be there again this year. Hosting at home would seem a long shot at this point, but not impossible. Don’t be surprised when the Hogs go on the road and win a Regional at someone else’s place.

Thank you for illustrating my point.

Nolan went to three Final Fours, four Elite Eights (roughly equal to CWS), two NCGs (zero for DVH) and won an NC. Very few people were giving him a pass by the end. But DVH can seemingly do no wrong.

Scott, a team that can’t beat Tennessee isn’t going to scare anyone in June. Or host in June either.

Surely you aren’t going to make an assessment from one game.
In baseball.
Tennessee has beaten Auburn, AM, Vandy, and took 2 of three from Florida.
They have lost something like seven one run games.
Their RPI is around 40.
Hardly the dregs you make them out to be
Would you say the same thing about those teams not scaring anyone in June. Or host? Florida will be a national seed.
Auburn may well host.

And it’s hardly fair to say we “can’t beat Tennessee” when we still have a game to play.

hey brother show me where i said teams!! I said this team!!! and notice how quickly I covered my butt by saying they have turned it around before but to think this team!!(notice no s on the end) isn’t struggling is beyond crazy! I hope we get it together but to me unless we start being much more!! aggressive at the plate its not going to happen you don’t let the pitcher get ahead in the count where they can throw their out pitches!!

If DVH’s next five years end with 4 oustings in regionals and another no-show, then the heat will be the same as it was for Nolan at the end. That would be the equivalent. I don’t recall many being upset with Nolan after the 96 - 97 NIT year.

Didn’t even have to look to know the author of this chicken little post.
Does the same thing in every sport.

Win and he’s nowhere to be found.
Lose a little and he lights the board up.

Pretty much guaranteed we weren’t going to NCAA tourney in hoops.
Then, mysteriously got quiet.
Well, until we lost to UNC. Then back at it about our late game offense etc blah blah blah.

DVH is one of the best in the game.
You won’t find one knowledgeable baseball person that will say different.

In a little rut? Sure.
But let’s see how it plays out before we start crying about here we go again.

Honestly I didn’t think we could keep that pace up.
I’d as soon hit a few bumps now and get our groove back for postseason.

It’d be a shame to lose out on hosting no doubt, but I would not be a bit surprised to see this team in Omaha.

Well, getting the 1-1 split makes the weekend a bit better. Hardly the same as winning the series, but at least it isn’t a loss. Alabama beat Auburn today. We still have a shot at a hosting position if we win 5 or perhaps even 4 of the next 6.

We’ve all been disappointed in the past 3 weekends, but this is nowhere like the collapse of last season. If we lose our next 6 games then we can make comparisons, but I don’t see that happening. We all know we lack pitching depth, so I’m not shocked to see something of a slump.

I’m disappointed in the number of games we’ve lost this year after late inning errors. I don’t know how to blame a coach for that sort of thing. The players are good fielders, but they’re still college players. This isn’t MLB.

A 1-1 split is hardly anything to fret about, especially on the road. Most series go to the winner of the third game; just couldn’t play it this week.

There you have it sports fans, Hogs will not host. :wink:

They are in the SEC. Wins and losses come and they go. Baseball is about pitching. Sometimes good pitching sets down good hitting. And, hitters sometimes guess. I’ve seen it at all levels.

With six games left, this team is in a great spot. I would have taken this spot before the season.

Agree with that 100%. I’d have taken a 15 win SEC season & a fair shot at the NCAA’s if offered it back in January. Right now we’re looking at 16+ and that’s with having one rained out. We’re also solidly in the NCAA field & have a reasonable shot at hosting. I’d think we’d have to go 0-6 & lose our first 2 games in Hoover to be at risk for missing the tournament altogether.

Right now I think our worst case (realistic worst case) is getting a #2 seed in some remote regional somewhere.

The Hogs can win the regular season title. Just look at what is happening to the other teams. If one teams gets hot, they can win it. Why not the Hogs?


It gets tough this time of year. Most everyone is playing for the same thing, trying to get a good seed in the NCAA tournament. It gets tight. Here is what I see right now as the main concern for the Arkansas baseball team, getting it’s pitching square. They will score enough runs, in my estimation. No, they won’t score as many in SEC games as they were against even quality non-conference games, but they can score.

Here is the top of the pitching staff:


Blaine Knight (the top arm and most consistent pitcher this season)
Trevor Stephan (great in last outing, and one of the better arms on the team)
Kacey Murphy (good lefty arm, although not yet a consistent starter)

Then, here are the top options out of the bullpen:

Jake Reindl (most consistent reliever and a good strike thrower)
Kevin Kopps (up and down, but with several nasty pitches)
Cannon Chadwick (good early, but wild of late - tough on right-handers)
Evan Lee (strike thrower and fearless)
Barrett Loseke (good fast ball, but inconsistent)
Josh Alberius (up and down, but experienced)

Here are the ones that they need to step up in a bigger fashion:

Dominic Taccolini (he’s missed three straight weekends, so I’m not sure on his availability)
Weston Rogers (spot availability against lefties
Matt Cronin (another lefty with situational ability)
Jacob Kostyshock (very inexperienced, but has good fast ball)

As far as the position players, the key is to get the righthanded bats going a little better. Arledge, Shaddy, Koch and Bonfield have not been as good of late. The lefty bats have been the strength in conference play and that’s Biggers, Spanberger, Fletcher and Cole (switch hitter). The worry is when the opponent has good lefty pitching to slow down those guys. That’s when the righty hitters have to step up. It seems like there have been too many strikeouts from the righty hitters.

I’ve wondered what would happen when we got to this stretch of the season when Koch didn’t have to catch so many days. With no midweek games over the May part of the schedule, I was hopeful that he’d make a little bit of a surge. That should help Bonfield, too. He’s played almost every day.

The two guys that I’m most happy to see come to the plate these days: Spanberger and Biggers. I’m not saying they are the best two players on the team, but they sure seem to be able to put the ball into play in almost every situation whether they are facing pitchers throwing from either side.