Team captains

This year’s team captains are Isaiah Campbell and Kevin Kopps.

An interesting aspect of the voting for team captains, senior transfer Trevor Ezell was among those getting votes. Van Horn said that was impressive. He’s well liked and well thought of by teammates and that’s a good sign for a team looking for one more bat to fill out a good batting order. Ezell is from Bryant. He fit in as soon as he arrived on campus this summer.

It was interesting hearing Carson Shaddy talk about not being elected as team captain as a senior after having been captain the year before. He said that he was disappointed, but tried to hide it. DVH talked to him about it and told him to become an even better leader without the C on his uniform.

The team last year had multiple captains. Most did not have a C on jersey. Lots of very talented leaders. That’s why they were good. They had the intangibles off the charts. This team will have a hard time matching that leadership throughout the lineup that was evident last year.

Wow, didn’t realize the issue and anyone in that situation would feel deeply hurt. That does profile a lot of maturity to not wear it on your sleeve and disrupt a club with your own personal interest. Just makes that team even more special.

As a fan, you’d expect a guy like Fletcher to be a captain.