Team Arkansas in TBT

Has anyone else been following the Arkansas team they are getting together for the basketball tournament this summer that they air on ESPN? They will be playing for a chance to win $2 million dollars.

So far they’ve announced 5 of their 10 players.

Ky Madden
Dusty Hannahs
Michael Qualls
Alandise Harris
Moses Kingsley

Right now they are trying to raise $5,000 for travel expenses for the first round, which is not covered by the tournament. The fundraiser hasn’t picked up too much steam from what I’ve seen. And I’m not trying to criticize them because I’m really looking forward to watching them play, but the 10 players that are on their team are all suppose to be professional players. I know they aren’t making NBA millions, but seems like they should be making enough between the 10 of them to chip in $500 each for a chance to split the $2 million if they win.

This is the same tournament Wiz referenced in another post. Someone wrote me about that tournament a few weeks back. Apparently Jabril Durham is on the team, too.

Nick Mason and someone named Keith Kelley are the ones putting the team together.

Cool thanks for info.

They actually just just announced Jabril Durham is the roster a few minutes ago. One of my favorite hogs to watch in recent history. I’m definitely going to check them out now. They are forming a pretty strong team. They still have 4 guys they haven’t announced. I would expect to hear a guy like Anthlon Bell announced on the team. No idea who they have for the back-ups forwards. That may end up being the weak part of their roster.