Team Arkansas in TBT 3rd round Tuesday 6 PM on ESPN2

Team Arkansas advances to third round of the Million Dollar TBT tourney for the first time, by beating host team Omaha Blue Crew 69-63.

Trey Wade hit a big three late. Kind of surprised to see Wade playing this. Does that mean NFL door is shut?

They now are in quarter finals to play Gutter Cat Gang at 6 pm tomorrow on ESPN2

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Rookies are reporting to NFL camp this week, so unless he’s leaving Omaha and going straight to somebody’s camp, yeah. If it was ever open to begin with…

Disappointing loss tonite to a team promoting NFTs and with Malik Monk as an investor. I still don’t know, or care, what NFTs are. I just know they are a scam, and I would much prefer to hold physical gold.

If Team Arkansas ever wants to win this thing, they need a real coach. I would put it in Scotty Thurman’s hands. Where are Qualls, Kingsley, and Macon playing now, and how much is the Big 3 paying Iso Joe?

Monty Patel is a good coach. Ask Devo Davis. Team Arkansas problem is not having a big man who can score inside. It is all guard play and jump shots

Dang, Turned my back and ended up buying this thing.


Mrs Pavlov: what the …. is that?

Me: it’s a non fungible token. It’s valuable.

Mrs Pavlov: no it’s not, it’s a …. monkey.

She’s right.

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I’ll take your word for it, PJ. The results suggest otherwise. The talent was there. Coffey is pretty good. Why couldn’t Patel run plays to get him the ball?

Did Barford play defense at Arkansas because he sure doesn’t play any on the TBT team.

I was told that Archie Goodwin was on this team at the start. He quit after Barford and him almost went to blows in practice.

This team needs shooters and guards. Coaching is the least of their worries.

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I always liked Barford. Now I like him more.


If they want to make a serious run, they would need to get together sooner and actually play together as a team. I don’t think you blame the coach in this type of tournament, he can point some things out but no reason for these players to listen, looked like guys playing “street ball” to me. Get a regional in Fayetteville and get a lil money and team organization behind the guys.

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They had Dusty and CJ Jones for shooting. The two did not shoot well during a stretch where the Gutter guys ran up a double digit lead. From that point on, Arkansas always played from behind, came close but couldn’t get over the hump.

What surprised me is lack of scoring from Whitt. What happened to that driving, fade away, almost automatic midrange jumper? Did not see it.

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Right out of halftime, Arkansas made a nice run and cut the 12 point lead to 2. It appeared that the other team was in much better shape.

Has CJ ever hit the three consistently? Off balance and kicking his leg out won’t get it done.

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I think most of their guys were overseas stars. They don’t have any school affiliation…just hired guns.

There was a stretch in his freshman year, where every attempt he made from the three, looked like it was going to go in. But later he became inconsistent leading to limitation of his minutes and that leading to his transfer,

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