Team Arkansas 85, Tim Thomas Playaz 62 - final...

in the opening round of The Basketball Tournament.

Dusty Hannahs led the way with 26 points while Michael Qualls added 21 and Alandise Harris 18.

Ronnie Brewer added 8, Jabril Durham 6, foul-plagued Moses Kingsley 4 and Rashad Madden 2.

Madden led the way with 8 rebounds while five others had six each and Hannahs had one.

Team Arkansas advances to play Sunday against the winner of today’s Talledega Knights-HBC Sicklerville game.

That game will start at noon and will be streamed on ESPN3.

Any update on if JaCorey and Rotnei will be available for tomorrow’s game? I know they said Marshawn completely dropped out, but they expected the other 2 at some point.

Pat says they won’t be there for Sunday’s game.

Cool, appreciate the update. Good news for us the team we’re playing tomorrow is in a similar situation, they only have 8 players available and this will be their 3rd game in 3 days.

Why are they so short handed in players?

Only had 10 to start with. Jacorey Williams and Rotnei Clarke are injured so that’s 2 down. They said at beginning of broadcast that Marshawn Powell was no longer on the team, so I’m assuming it was a scheduling conflict for him, that’s 3 down right there. Then they tried to add Charles Thomas a few days ago and ended up not being able to do it.

I was listening to the broadcast and apparently this is a problem a lot of teams in TBT deal with, a lot of these guys play pro ball all over the place so scheduling conflicts happen frequently. If we can survive tomorrow, I’m pretty sure they’ll come back next weekend with more players. I’m hoping they make some noise this year and draw some attention, so next year they can attract more guys like Courtney Fortson, Sonny Weems, Coty Clarke, etc. getting these high caliber former Hogs would really increase their chances to win it all, there’s some really good teams in this tournament with former NBA players and fringe NBA guys.

Pleased to see Rotnei and Jacory being part of the team. Both left Arkansas with some bad feelings on both sides, but chose to represent Team Arkansas now,