Tea sippers being sent to

… Long Beach.

Darn. I wanted to grill them at Baum.

… Hattiesburg. That could be fun, but they are paired with Red Stick. Rice is a #3 seed at LSU.

aTm and Baylor sent to Houston. :o

Mobilehoma goes to Petrinoville. The rest of the Okie teams come here.

So … the year of the flat bat (2010) was ORU, oSu, and ???

Well, they’ve always pined to be a part of the PAC 10 . . . this will give them a little taste of the west coast.

I hope they have no fans there and get their butts kicked.

Washington State.

Not sure what you’re asking. Our regional in 2010 was Washington State, Grambling (remember the 10-homer game?) and K-State. Okie Lite didn’t make the tournament in 2010; OU and ORU did.

OK. I was thinking the flat bat (oSu) was in 10.

OK, I vaguely remember that now. I believe that was in 2007.