Tea sippers are keeping Herman

… that works for me.

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I can hear the boos now. Those tea sippers deserve each other.

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The statement was that Herman is still the coach but did not say he was returning to coach 2021. That is how the ut fans are interpreting their AD’s statement. Many believe ut does not want to risk losing recruits if they fire Herman now without a new coach hired.

ut fans, donors, & alumni are demanding that Herman be fired & $24M in buyouts paid. It will not likely be Urban Meyer, but anyone else may be a lateral move.

I recommend Bret Bielema with Chad Morris as his OC.

John Chavis for DC.


So Herman and his staff are walking on eggs shells I guess. Knowing they might be just a phone call away from dismissal.
BTW it’s said he’s not fired yet so incoming recruits won’t jump ship, but Im sure they have heard all of this coaching drama/rumors also by now.

I understand UT went after Urban Meyer hard and he gave them a finger. So, they decided it is not worth paying all the buyout money they owe Herman, only to land another Tom Herman.

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That good Danny.

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Not the strongest show of support, we interviewed but did not get our first choice, so nothing to see here.

I agree , ditto

Texas needs to play the game that Aggies, Ohio State. LSU, and OU plays. That is the reason these teams have better talent that Horns.

Since ut has recruited 8th, 3rd, & 3rd in recruiting rankings over the past 3 yrs & in most of those years recruited better than the teams you mention, most would disagree with your opinion that these other teams have better talent.

ut has had several underperforming head & asst coaches, including Mac Brown in his last yrs at ut, so their program has consequently suffered. You put Saban, Sweeney, Day, Urban, or Fisher at ut & perhaps they compete for the NC. Very few coaches can motivate & manage 4* & 5* talent to play at that level. Most don’t expect much improvement in 2021 if Herman remains.

Darn. Now that St. Gus is out at Auburn, I was sort of hoping the tea-sippers might go for him.

Well if anything Herman may be nervous again now that Gus is available.

Apparently Herman’s recent application for the HC position at So. Carolina following Muschamp’s firing has further strained his relationship with the ut AD & tea sip fan base.

Who can blame Herman for looking elsewhere after ut tried to hire Urban? The ut soap opera has become stormier & will not end well. Expect that Gus has added ut to his speed dial.

Aw, isn’t that a shame, NOT.

Assuming the '21 schedule has not changed, our 2nd game is ut in Fayetteville. Hope that Herman is still at ut & that he is still underperforming.
They recruited 17th this year, after top 10 rankings for past 3 yrs., so another reason their fans are calling for his head.

I recommend Bret Bielema with Chad Morris as his OC.

John Chavis for DC. . . WOW! You’re talkin’ Hammer Down on an endless highway.

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Yep…endless highway to nowhere!

And JLS as the special team coach!

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