TE transfer Gumms changes mind, pledges to Hogs again

What in Sam Hill is going on here!?!?!

Should I stay or should I go……

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For some reason this story makes me wonder whatever happened to C.J. O’Grady.

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I had a feeling this was going to happen and he’d come back…

Added a few comments from Gumms to the story.

If I go, there will be trouble / And if I stay, it will be double :notes:

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Excellent follow up!

He is a flipper! What will be the news tomorrow on him! We will wait and see.


That’s my view…move on.

After summer works outs he might hit the portal again.

Well no new news on him. He may pass gas at some point in time today and blow his mind again
And change his mind stay tuned.

Nothing like a good Lonnie Davis memory.

Like to be a fly on the wall in that discussion with CSP.

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