TE=“Talk Endlessly”?

So what does this mean from Shamar Easter? We talk? We don’t talk? We text but we haven’t actually talked because we haven’t met yet? Hope he confuses defenses as much as he confuses me.

‘We haven’t even got to talk to each other all the time yet, but it’s like a brotherhood already,” Easter said after his June 10-12 official visit to Fayetteville. “We’re already talking to each other all the time, texting each other, asking what’s going on, so I love it. It’s nice.” ‘

Basically saying they haven’t all met together in person, but swap texts with each other, thus conversing in that manner.

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That’s what I thought, but it sure read funny. Btw, thanks SO much for procuring the Super Regionals tickets. You made two Razorback fans VERY happy. Ranked right up there with the most exciting Hog sporting event I have been to. And considering the importance of it, getting us to Omaha, maybe the best ever for me.

No prob, I couldn’t go and wanted for two Hog fans to use those tickets at cost.

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