TE Recruiting

Coach Dowell Loggains is flat getting it done recruiting TEs. Arkansas went through a period not too long ago where you might could have called the UA “Tight End U”. We’ve had a drop off but I think that’s pretty much over.


I agree he’s on fire, but can we keep all these guys happy with extended playing time? I sure hope so.

You know, it’s amazing how often we see teams playing two and three tight ends together, both college and NFL.

I agree!! now we got to use these guys!! They are all very talented and can make this offense go to another level.

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I agree as well. It will make our offense much more versatile.

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I see lots of “Play action fakes” with a two TE set in our future…

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Up to Briles to make it happen. He should salivating over options with these TE’s in his offense now.
But there is a learning curve.

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