TE Glenn Beal update

He said he plans to make an unofficial visit for game this fall in addition to his official.

Is it safe to assume that if Beal were to commit, the door would be closed on Ford and vice versa?


One thing that will be interesting in the next week or so is to see if anyone leaves before the start of school on Aug. 21.

Coach B did not rule out being able to add the two 2017 blueshirts into the 2017 recruiting class and be under the 85 cap if that were to happen.

That would open up two more sports in 2018 class if they were to happen.

This could open things up for one kid that’s really wanting to come. I think most would be very happy if it happens.

Richard would that player be in state or out of state?

Out of state. Sorry for delay I just noticed the question.