TE coach....who'll be the next one

Looking forward to seeing who our next TE coach will be, if indeed Dowell is on his was to SC.

I know Pittman will get the best available. I hope he can recruit and motivate!


Go steal Tim Brewster who joined coach prime at Colorado.

Curious if he would look at an older coach ala James shiebest or some young up and comer.

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I believe we need a young coach that has something to prove. One with some fire and endless energy.


Shibest lives in Hot Springs, and he wants to be a coach at Arkansas. He has a good coaching resume. Also very experienced ST coach and could assist Fountain. Also is known to be an ace recruiter.

would love to have Jim.

I liked Jimmy as a Hog….but, he’s got to be considered to be an old guy.

It will probably be some low-to-mid level staffer Pittman has worked with, previously.

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Big “no” on Shibest. He is old, and has peaked as a coach. Did some good work way back in the day. Give me someone a bit green vs Shibest, and let them learn under Briles and Pittman. Find the charismatic guy to keep players excited and be a recruiting machine.


Shibest followed nutt to miss…i was not happy with his antics (tho less disgusting than danny nutt’s at the time) when rebs came to fayetteville the next year. I had been a big shibest fan before then…would not care to have him coaching the hogs now.


Oh goodness no on Shibest. I still remember the puking on the sideline during the Cotton Bowl after Nutt departed. Maybe he had food poisoning but the rumor was it was brown bottle flu from a really late night. Then, there were the antics when they came back to Fayetteville the following year. That ship has sailed for me.

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Agree on every bit of your take. Beyond that we need young blood that’s hungry. IMO


I am guessing there are some good, young TE coaches at a couple of these schools. They play in recruiting hotbeds for UA, and there is a lot of coaching talent on the staff right now that can help “school them up”:

Texas Tech
La Tech
Oklahoma State
Georgia State
NC State
East Carolina

Jim Chaney


It doesn’t matter what the fans think. If coach wants shiebest then that is who he will hire. We weren’t paying him ole miss was and they were watching him too.

Doubt he even gets a look but was known at one time as a good recruiter.

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