TCU's guy targeted more than McAdoo did

But no call.

So Twitter numbskulls are convinced that SEC refs wanted TCU to win to face Jawja next week.


Good post :joy::joy:! WPS

As I said in another post, I think the fact the NCAA reversed the call in our game influenced the call.

I didn’t think it was targeting. He hit his back more than anything. I agree it was “more” of a targeting than McAdoo.


Agreed, but he also lowered his head to make the hit, which under the strict definition is targeting. Going in with the crown of the helmet is just as illegal as head to head contact.

Aiming the crown of the helmet at the head or neck area? Isn’t that what they always say the rule is?

If I were the TCu coach I wouldn’t have missed any opportunity to criticize the sec refs. He Should’ve said how disappointed he was that they can’t be consistent with this stupid rule and keep player safety first and that’s not how he teaches it and just a dumb play by his guy and most of all just really really unfair to not give them an opportunity to squash Michigan’s hopes one more time and any delusional excuses they may have now about what would’ve or could’ve or should’ve ended differently

That was a really bad precedent to set. The refs are free to interpret any rule however they want now if there’s any potential for a penalty to change the outcome of the game ending either way. Would you expect them to want it any other way though?

Crown of the helmet OR contact to the head and neck area. Both are illegal. Of course if you put the crown of your helmet in his earhole, it’s an easy call.

Why is crown of the helmet illegal? Because it’s the best way I know of for the tackler to break his neck. It’s what happened to Chucky Mullins at Ole Miss.

That’s Chucky’s helmet crown in Brad Gaines’ back. Chucky never walked again.

Leading with the crown should be illegal because it’s very dangerous. Looked to me like McAdoo led with his shoulder. The TCU player led with his helmet and hit the UM helmet. Looked like targeting to me. However, it’s clear I do not know what targeting is. Doesn’t seem like anyone knows. It’s never called the same way.


Leading with the crown of your helmet used to be called spearing. Get ya a flag sometimes also.

You are not alone in that understanding. Listening to the TV game announcers and their experts is always the same–couple be, might be, let’s see what command central says it is. Games suffers while everyone holds their breath waiting. If we played flag football , targeting would be a non event–not sure the national sports media and coverage that was on stage last night would be there for flag football however.

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