TCU vs. Arkansas

No lineups yet. I’ll update when they become available.
(I’m looking at live stats and both teams Twitter feeds.)

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Outta be a good game, hopefully our pitching will be lights out.

Leach gets a walk off hit against Texas in the bottom of the 9th!! I am so glad of that didn’t want extra innings

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Who did texass play?

Missouri… and that was former Hog Dylan Leach getting the hit

Good for him and mizzo

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Lineups posted in opening post.

Any reason for delay?

There was a preceding game. They allow time between games to ready the field, etc. There is no BP.

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Oh ok. I knew the other game didn’t go in extra innings.

Surprises me no BP.

Not enough time and it’s the same for all teams. It’s just like the SEC tourney.

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Is thst the same lineup? I think so

I think we moved Diggs up one spot

Yes. As a matter of fact, it’s the same for both teams.

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Oh ok I thought we had Diggs batting eight last night

My boys are ready.



When I loaded the lineups last night, I saved them. So when I went through them today, I checked position by position. They were identical.