TCU vs. Arkansas regional game 6

another great inning very glad to see Scroggins look good!

Casey started that AB with two terrible swings then ended with a good AB. The fly-out was at least a well hit ball. We need him

best I have seen Scroggins in a while! great timing with SR coming up!

I wouldn’t think we’d go to Cronin unless Kosty gets in trouble.

I agree. Kosty will have at least a 5 run cushion to work with. Only threw to one batter in the 8th. I think it’s his unless he allows a couple of base runners.

Make that a 6-run cushion. That stolen base got us a run.

great job guys!!! incredible job !! now lets Kick that Rebel butt!!


Boy, I hope that was a typo. :lol: :lol: :shock:

LOl sorry about that! :smiley: corrected it!