TCU vs. Arkansas regional game 6

Hated giving up an early walk, but I also hate we booted two balls in that inning. Neither hurt us. We got the out at 2nd & the other at 1st, but it worries me.

That shot to 2nd was a ankle height bullet, thought he did well to keep in front and get the lead out

Awesome start!! great to see Martin and Fletcher barrel up a ball great approach by Kenly also!

It’s great to get off to a 3-0 lead, but we need Patrick to pitch well. I’d like to see him get through at least 5 innings. If we can add a few more runs before that, we might have a little less stressful game than we did last night

Nice to see Casey get a hit… now keep it up…

Good job so far Patrick just keep the ball down and you will be fine.

guy throws 75% breaking balls,go up there looking for it and hammer it! need a 3 up 3 down inning Patrick.

Opitz is really good with our young pitchers.

3 up 3 down! great Job now lets bang a few of those CB’s!!

HK hasn’t looked good in either of his AB’s tonight. We need him to have another big night.

we have let this guy get in a groove,Kjerstad both times has taken a thigh high innner part of the plate pitch and that is the pitch LH batter kill for…don’t get it!! :evil:

After 2 quick outs now we’ve allowed two hits. Need to get out of this.

And we did. No harm from the hits. Now let’s have another big inning.

Wicklander pitching his butt off come on offense wake up!!! and lets put this away!!

Ezell had nice hit, but Casey fell back into his recent slump on that AB. Looked bad

Boom, Matt Goodheart! WPS. Needed those 2 runs.

thats what I’m talking about Goodheart!!! sat on that little stinking CB he’s been throwing and mash it!!!

Great Job Cody! swing them bats boys!!

Would still like to get about 2-3 more runs

TCU: 16 innings, one run against our pitching staff.