TCU vs Arizona

The refs let ‘em play alright.
To end regulation a football move was used like Line backers. Arizona stole the ball from TCU at about mid court and time expired before Arizona could score but it was a foul and TCU should have got free throws!
In OT man did the whistles blow for Arizona! It’s a shame for grown men to put on stripes and call a game and get paid when they are so darn blind!


Football game. Man AZ getting the calls IMO…

TCU should have been at the free throw line taking 2 free throws before OT.


Should have. Then TCU went for 3’s to start OT.

It wasn’t a perfect form tackle, he didn’t wrap up, but he still laid enough of a hit on him to knock him off his feet and back across the midcourt line. Maybe their football coach took notice, be reaching out to that guy about walking onto the football team.

Gotta love the refs, “I didn’t see anything did you?” “Nope saw nothing, nothing to see here, play on.” ;).

It’s good to be a 1 seed…

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It still don’t make it right. The bottom line TCU shouldn’t have been whistled for a touch foul if that’s not called.
It stinks.

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TCU should have attached the rim.

Agree…flagrantly wrong and gutless no-call on that “steal” at the end of regulation.

Almost as bad as the no call on the walk, charge or rebound over the back by North Carolina vs Arkansas game in the Dance a few years ago that’s what it made me think of! We have all been the victim of the poor performance of the Ref’s at the end of games that allows the blue bloods or #1 seeds to win.

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