TCU trolls EOE-A

Any time the Whorns take verbal abuse is good with me.

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The modest achievements on the field at Texass in recent years given their resources, in state talent base, etc. is borderline criminal.

I do think they now have the right coach. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for him to refashion the entitled culture down there.

One of the few things that repairs my faith after seeing bad Hog football is watching Longhorn fans suffer… sadly that’s what it has come to the last six years.

In the recent thread I started about teams you pull for in games not involving Arkansas (as opposed to the teams you always want to lose), TCU was the team I named first. Mostly, that’s out of respect for the massive turnaround their program made about 15 years ago. But things like this are another reason. Taking the Horns to the woodshed . . . and then, taunting them . . . is something that gets my attention (and admiration) pretty quickly.