TCU tries out beer sales at baseball games

It’s just a matter of time IMO. There will be more suds at Baum than the bases-loaded hats (ignoring the coolers in the Hog Pen).

I’m all for it. We could use the revenue. Besides, beer & baseball just go together. Sorta like baseball goes with hot dogs or “peanuts & cracker jacks.”

beer sales in bottles and cans for my first basketball attendance and the opponent was the Whorns. UNO beat em by about 20, but I was thinking about the potential damage that would have been had Barnhill had the same libations. Baseball was more obvious, this was on campus for both, not the offcampus site that was Lakefront arena. I was teaching a night lab in biology and I was told to not let the students in if they had directly exited the Sandbar and were even the least inebriated. Money was made on alcohol sales that was projected and budgeted. Of course that was New Orleans and not in the least to bat an eyelid over. So, it was not the big donors but more the students and locals who came and partook. Upped hot dog sales also.

that was such a god awful Texas team that no Razorback fan would have worried or been tempted to insult or bomb had they had the same drinking options. I think Weltlich was the coach and there was no Wacker or Fat Baxter or Krivachs to despise.

A friend that I played softball with at that time told me of the mood shifts at Camp Randall as the game wore on and the beer supply dwindled. Lots of history for beer sales at college athletics.

I don’t know why, but I just assumed the beer sales would be on draft. No cans or bottles to throw. Just cups for litter.

I had a beer at the Frisco Classic. It went well with the atmosphere. However, there is something that happens when you mix alcohol with Razorback fans. They are an excitable, aggressive bunch (well not quite as bad as LSU fans). I remember the OSU regional a couple of years ago. We were fueled and on fire. I was almost sorry for our behavior toward the OSU fans. We had fun with everything because our Hogs were winning. I remember the guy with the big spoon. They wouldn’'t let him bring it into the game. So, when Spoon was due to bat, he went out behind the right field fence and waved it above the fence. The crowd roared. Okay with me but you may be unleashing the wild beast.