TCU score prediction thread

Let’s start a new one each week:

TCU 38-28. Both teams play better than last week. TCU has the better players at the moment. Never thought I’d say that about TCU back in the SWC days, but times, they are a-changin’.

AR 35 - TCU 28. I said we would beat them from the get-go, so I’m sticking with it! AR establishes the running game, controls the clock and takes advantage of a defense that looked suspect against South Dakota State.

I do not have a clue, but this game may mean a lot more than the second game usually does.

56 - 21

                                             (you know)


TCU 48 AR 17

Hogs by 3 points and the score in the high thirties. Run game should look better and the OL gets a little better in pass protection. Secondary should still be able to perform. HOGS YA’LL.

Hogs 42-31

Hogs 34 TCU 15

Arkansas 52
TCU 14

Hogs hog the ball with their running game. The defense does just enough to keep us in the game. Arkansas 31 - 28.

Hogs hog the ball and the defense does just enough to keep us in the game. Ark 31 - 28.

I agree, if we can control the clock then I think we can win 28-21. If we have a lot of 3 downs and punt then it could get ugly, 38-17.

TCU: 31-24.

34 - 30 - HOGS


Hogs 37-34.

TCU 52 ARK 31 Just did not see any difference in our defense as it has been hyped all of August camp! Exact same play off the receiver cushion and these type teams eat that up and sacks and QB hurries are cut way down because of it!

This will get ugly unless the Hogs offense scores often.

TCU 42, Arkansas 23

Hogs 30
Frogs 28

The Kicking woes table has turned this year! TCU misses 43 yard FG with :48 seconds left in the game. WPS

Arkansas 38

TCU 35

I think scores in the 40’s & 50’s equate to a Hog loss. We just aren’t hitting on all cylinders for that yet.

I see one post above refers to TCU having better players and how unbelievable that is. I relate to that well. TCU and those likewise Texas church schools killed the SWC. They lost with scores like 3-42 in OOC games continually and could not draw 15,000 to their home games year after year. Arkansas totally dominated the series with them. Obviously they had mostly poor players or athletes. Now TCU out recruits SEC schools in Louisiana. Something Texas and Oklahoma doesn’t do. Bielema may respect Paterson & TCU. I think they cheat like Ole Miss. Baylor as well but that train has probably done wrecked with Briles being eliminated scandalously. Ole Miss is finished too. That just leaves TCU in the world of the unrealistic.

The Good Book is not mistaken in that regard. “Be sure your sin will find you out”. Maybe not today; maybe not tomorrow; maybe not next week; maybe not next year. But the dirt will eventually emerge into the light of day.

I tremendously enjoy football; especially Razorback football. I have a profoundly keen appreciation for those head coaches and those programs who attain success WITHOUT resorting to disreputable, deplorable tactics, maneuvers and scams.