TCU ranked # 23 with 21 Scholar Seniors

Looks like our Hogs have a challenge

The 23 ranking doesn’t bother me really - it’s a good thing to play a ranked team on National TV

The 21 Scholarship Seniors playing gives me pause

Maybe I’m prejudice but I can’t help but think the hard nose play of the SEC helps Arkansas bit TCU is motivated

Arkansas has to keep it close I think - early and keep thier offense off the field

Hope the 3-4 helps us contain them

They will step into a dangerous environment Saturday and yes it will and should be a good game but if the hogs can run the ball, it will make our chances go up to win…

We beat them last year and they were ranked.
The defense has to be better. Getting stops on 3rd down will be key. Avoid stupid penalties.
If we can rotate defensive players and still be fresh in the 4 th quarter we will win. Last year the defense was out of gas in a lot of games late!
Our offense needs to score TD’s and not FG’s. And no lead is safe. Stay aggressive on offense and chew up clock.
If we avoid turnovers and get a few from the frogs that would help also. I believe Austin Allen will have a big game.

I think it comes down to the Oline. Our oline was lost last year with multiple players that didn’t know what they were doing. This oline looks so much better. The TCU Dline lost their 2 very good players to graduation. A very true maxim in Football is that you run straight at speed and our Oline strength is the interior of our OLine. IMO we will be able to run better than last year, our defense will have trouble with TCU, but our offense will keep the TCU offense on the sideline more this year.

TCU is a scary team, but they are beatable. The offense needs to play keep-away and the defense needs to keep Kenny Hill in the pocket and make him go on long drives. Unless he’s matured, he will get frustrated at some point and start slinging the ball all over the field and to guys wearing cardinal jerseys. Hopefully, it will be a very loud and raucous crowd.

Unable to rotate defensive players and being fresh in the 4th quarter was a season killer last year, but if we can reverse that part of our game and continue to be competitive with the back ups on the field we have a real opportunity to show vast improvement. Great post, Army Hog, WPS