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I say stay with the QB’s we have and KJ.

We have some young talent on campus and coming in.


I say stay with the QB’s we have and KJ.

We have some young talent on campus and coming in.

[/quote]I never said anything about getting him; just find it newsworthy and thought folks might like to know.

Thanks for sharing. Can’t say I am not surprised as I believe I recall aside from the injury he had some off the field issues but not 100% sure. I do know this as I believe he played for 3 different high schools with the last 2 being Denton Guyer (saw him play there several times) and I believe Cedar Hill. That is a lot of bouncing around in High School and here he goes again. Just not normal.

I respect your opinion, but Morris and staff may feel differently about the level of talent of the young QBs on the roster. Otherwise, they would not be actively seeking a grad transfer.

this kid is a great prospect…great athlete and bigtime arm.would take him in a heartbeat!!

Dudes only a sophomore, so not a graduate transfer and would not play next year anyways. Why bring him in?

Another risk IMO, young athlete with an arm, still raw. Doesn’t mean he can quickly learn & run our offense. Been injuried, storied past, (don’t know full details, what’s true or not).
Will step on the kids we already have & coming in.

Not talking about this kid specifically - rather the fact Arkansas based recruiting gurus continue to suggest Arkansas is exploring all grad transfer QBs options that are out there.

I think we were just after KB.

Not if you believe the various gurus

Arizona’s Tate and KState’s Delton possibles…any other names?

It would seem foolish to me to not add someone if you believe he could help.

But not to add to just add.

Does believing he can help translate to guarantee he can help?
If it’s Jalen Hurts pretty much a guarantee. We know 1st hand on that.