Last year, we had to out score the spread offenses if we wanted a win. The year before, we hammered Texas Tech at their place and won easily. With us having a weaker defense last year, Tech returned the favor as our offense had not gelled yet for that season. The offense failed to outscore or win in the fourth quarter early last year against Toledo, Tech, and A&M. We then proceeded to outscore and win against every spread team we played (better offenses than the earlier three losses @ Ole Miss, Tenn, Auburn, AND MissState) the rest of the season, except MissState and the kicking game failure prevented that one making it a complete sweep of spread offenses teams in the last half of the season.

Now, we have a better defense. How much better is yet to be revealed but better. We have an offense that is somewhere in between the one that started last year and the one that finished it. So, I am expecting a competitive game. We could still lose, but I am not as sure about that as you appear to be. JMVHO.